How to make shortcut key of a program in your xp

Now a days we mostly use keyboard to access computer. Even most of the computer experts think that its easy and fast to work with keyboard to control a computer(pc). We can make our mostly used programme’s shortcut key with keyboard. It’s very easy and efficient to work. Now we’ll learn how can we do it. just follow the steps given below :

» Right click in a shortcut icon of a program you want to make shortcut key

» Click properties

» Now select shortcut tab

» Click on shortcut box (By default it shown as None)

» Type Ctrl + Alt + X (here X=your desired shortcut key name)

» You can only make Ctrl + Alt shortcuts

» Now press apply and ok

» You are done !

Now just press ctrl+alt+X to open that program. Thank you for reading this article.

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