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Common mistakes of new bloggers

Hello dear, Whats up? Hope your internet life is going well. Today i well share something new and very helpful for new bloggers. Now-a-days there are many blog over the internet for different niche blogging/ news portal service. But most of the new bloggers have some problems with their success. I hope this post will help them to understand the common mistakes of blogging, and they will be successfull with their blogging carrer. There are many common mistakes but today i am going to share most common mistakes and next time i will try to discuss more about those points share today.

So,lets see which mistakes making our blogging carrier down:

1. Some lazy blogger don’t try to make new blog post by their own hand, they always copy information from different sites and put them in his site which is really bad for some blogger, because he is going to hamper his creativeness and taking his blog down.

2. Invent and share new idea by researching daily internet,some blogger may create a good place in the world of blog. But some new bloggers not aware about this and they dont research and post which is not important and helpful for visitors.

3. Always make your own post by researching internet and try to make a informative blog.

4. Writing style is also a heavy point to make a blogger popular. It can make you different from others.

5. Some bloggers don’t show respect to others and we have to know that if we copy some info we should always use a linkback credits to real author.

6. Always try to share real information. Dont share bogus things to your audience.

7. always comment to your co-bloggers and it will make you familier to the new family.

8. Make sure you dont pray to someone to visit your blog. If they are helpful by your post they must come again, you don’t have to say that to them. this is a weak point of some blogger.

No more today, will be coming soon with more new tricks and discussions. Thank you and good bye for today and always take care yourself and family.

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