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How to use bangla unicode on your nokia

Bangla unicode system for nokia symbian Bangla is our (bangladeshi’s) national language . you can visit any bangla wapsite / website from your nokia mobile (symbian v3) . And you can also use english with bangla because it is unicode system . So lets see how can we do this trick in our phone .

» You need a 3rd party software called x-plore / file manager . just search this software you can find .

» Then open x-plore and go menu > tools > configuration > click “show ROM device” > now click back option.

» Now open ‘z’ folder and click resource > fonts .

» You can see 4 fonts here . if the fonts extension is .ttf then write down the names in notepad asS60SNR.ttf S60SSB.ttf , S60TSB.ttf , S60ZDIGI.ttf

» Now download bangla unicode solaimanlipi from or Download here.

» Now replace these four fonts with last 4 .ttf fonts .

» The last step – just restart your phone and your phone will run now bangla unicode system

Trick : collect .ttf fonts to your pc before you delete or replace them with new solaimanlipi fonts

Note That : Do that with your own risk . i have no responsibility for any kind of fault by you

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