sticky floating sidebar

Floating Sticky sidebar for a blog or others site is now mostly used to enrich users browsing experience. It’s very easy to do. We just need css and js to complete this process. Before going to the process, Be confirm that, your website is using latest jquery and you have backed up your files. Let’s see … Continue Reading

What is pagination ? Pagination is a faster and easiest way to navigate website data with numbering system. Generally we use to navigate our data like following: But Now-a-days we use the smart navigation system like following: Which is friendly and easy to access any page instantly for your user. Steps for pagination Connect to … Continue Reading

1. SERVER: A server is a computer program or a machine that waits for requests from other machines or software and responds to them. The purpose of a server is to share data or hardware and software resources among clients. Server is the most wanted tools for any kind of web development, Where you can … Continue Reading

orion html5

Hello friends, Its a great day today. I have create a one page html5 template for first time. The name of this html5 template is ORION. It’s a company based single page website. I’ve also apply my favourite flexbox to create this template. hope will be added some extra features like javscript, css3 animations and retina … Continue Reading

wordpress Development

Topics We Learn Today: What is WordPress ? Benefits of WordPress ? Difference between Vs WordPress.Org ? What is WordPress Development ? Tools for WordPress Development ? Skills for WordPress Developer ? Ways to earn money with WordPress ? Resourse and Support ? 1 . What is WordPress ? WordPress is a CMS (Content … Continue Reading

Hello friends today i will share the most important search engine list for you which must use if you want to increase your visitor. We know that seo is the key of success of a site. These search engine allow you to make visitors, seo help and earn money. So as a website owner we should … Continue Reading