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No more problem with bangla unicode font to see an website clearly

Posted on: 07 Dec 2011 - 05:52 am, Post by: MD.Anisur Rahman Bhuyan
Hello my friends.How are you ? Today i am going to discuss about bangla font problem while visiting bangla websites . Now a days bangla websites are going to be more and more popular day by day because its easy to sharing and learning. But sometimes we face some problem while visiting bangla websites because, the default language of our computer is english. So,we should use an unicode font to see a bangla website clearly. There are three popular bangla unicode font like Vrinda , Solaimanlipi, Siyam rupali Here Siyam rupali is always best for clear view of a webpage . To use bangla in your computer without any hesitation just use AVRO software .Its completely free to use. just click here to download this software. If you have bangla problem even you are using avro software then you may select Vrinda as default font . so, you have to fix it with Siyam rupali. To fix it open avro software and go to settings and click on font fixer

Figure : 1
Figure : 2
then select Siyam rupali and click in fix it and restart your computer . Now enjoy clear bangla on your computer without any hassle . Thank you for reading this post.
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