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How to access blocked youtube videos easily

Posted on: 08 Nov 2012 - 06:20 pm, Post by: MD.Anisur Rahman Bhuyan hasbeen banned in Bangladesh by the government recently. It was blocked for releasing a movie trailor named Innosence of muslims. In that movie the idiot producer insults our beloved Prophet HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SM) and it was spread by youtube. For that reason as a muslim country Bangladesh govt decide to block this site for Bangladeshi users. Its true that it was such a good decision but it was harmful to the users who like to study by youtube. So, For those users i like to share a way to browse youtube without any tricks with default internet connection of bangladesh. you may also be able to download and strem videos faster than other proxies. No more talk now lets move to the main point:

Now Click here to unblock youtube channels and enjoy your study on youtube.

SAFETY NOTE: This system is not verified by google and its not a content of google INC. so, I like to share my opinion that do not login into your youtube by using this system.Otherwise you may hacked by this site, Hope it may not like so but we even though we should remember that Safety First :) .Take care and enjoy your unblock youtube

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