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How to Keep your computer safe and error free

Posted on: 30 Sep 2011 - 11:57 pm, Post by: MD.Anisur Rahman Bhuyan
Hi friends, Today i'll discuss about speed up your pc and keep safe and error free computer.It's happened in every computer user often ,users are tell and go to the service centre for less speed on their pc . But you can do it yourself . It's very easy and you do not need to go to a computer service center and you should not give them money :p .Now follow the steps given below :

» Removed unused icon from desktop.

» Removed unused and unnecessary software.

» Clean up registry regularly.(there are many software on the internet to cleaning registry. you can use CCLEANER.Its portable and available on internet)

» Stop unwanted Startup programs.

1.Go to start > run > msconfig

2.Select the Startup tab.

3.Go through the list, disabling programs you do not need by un-ticking the box left of them.Only disable programs you are sure you do not need,and It's recommend not touching the one in WINDOWS directory.

» Defragment your disk regularly (Better doing it every 2 weeks or month).

1.Right click on my computer

2.Now Manage > Disk defragmenter > Analyze / Defragment

» And always try to keep your pc runing with an u.p.s

Thank you for reading this post.
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