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Calculus the subject of fun and confusion

Posted on: 04 Oct 2011 - 07:02 pm, Post by: MD.Anisur Rahman Bhuyan
Hello visitor's how is going your daily life?hope good . Today I'm here to discuss about the subject named calculus. Calculus is a part of mathematics . In bangladesh the calculus include with mathematics after the level s.s.c . some student's do not take calculus as a easy subject but it's not a very hard subject actualy .Here are something you should do for calculus :

» Always read the formula of calculus given to your books .

» Always do the sum from your book . Don't ever think that the sum you have done before or you can do it later because you do the same before

» Do not think i can't do it because i do not read personaly to a teacher.just follow your teacher in classroom .

» Don't make you hesitate on your exam hall, because calculus is a confusing subject of mathematics. The more you practice the more your confidence grow .

Keep your mind that calculus is not hard ,just need more practise. Best of luck mathematicians ,enjoy mathematical education ...
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