Let’s learn WordPress

Topics We Learn Today:

  1. What is WordPress ?
  2. Benefits of WordPress ?
  3. Difference between WordPress.com Vs WordPress.Org ?
  4. What is WordPress Development ?
  5. Tools for WordPress Development ?
  6. Skills for WordPress Developer ?
  7. Ways to earn money with WordPress ?
  8. Resourse and Support ?

1 . What is WordPress ?

WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) which is used for content sharing such as blogging, Photo and Video Sharing, Personal Portfolio and Business website etc. And the best thing is It’s an open source project that means you can use WordPress to make your desired website for free. You can also welcome to share your ideas and design or coding to this project.

2 . Benefits of WordPress ?

  • It’s Open Source.
  • User Friendly.
  • Easy Customization.
  • Simple And Secure Administration.
  • Good for SEO.
  • Strong Community Support.
  • Different Language Support.
  • Themes and Plugins Support.
  • Regular Updates.

3 . WordPress.com  Vs  WordPress.Org ?

  • com is a blogging platform where you can create and manage your content/blog directly from WordPress. The best part of WordPress.com is that, You don’t need any hosting package to run your website.
  • org is a place where you can download the WordPress package and Share your ideas, code snippets, themes and plugins with others all about wordpress.

4 . What is WordPress Development ?

WordPress Development means to extend or customize the default features of WordPress system By Designing different Themes and creating plugins using different WordPress API.

5 . Tools for WordPress Development ?

Local Server :

  1. wamp (Windows),
  2. Xampp (Win & Mac),
  3. Lamp (Linux)

Editing Software :

  1. Notepad++ / Bracket / Sublime Text
  2. SASS Editor (komodo/others)
  3. Skills for WordPress Developer ?

6 . Skills for WordPress Developer ?

Before starting WordPress Development you must have a good knowledge in:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Basic PHP
  • Basic Javascript/Jquery
  • Basic AJAX

6.1 . For Theme Development you better know the following :

  • WordPress hierarchy
  • WP Theme Standards
  • Static/Dynamic Website
  • Photoshop Mockup
  • Fixed/Responsive Webdesign
  • Form Validation
  • Usage of Jquery plugin properly
  • SASS/LESS with CSS

6.2 . For PDevelopment you better know the following :

  • WordPress database structure
  • WP Customization API
  • Wp Plugin Standards
  • PHP Class and OOP
  • Javascript and jquery plugin
  • Usage of Ajax
  • Error Handling

7 . Ways to earn money with WordPress ?

  • Theme Development and Sell
  • Plugin Development and Sell
  • Finding and Fixing Errors
  • Website Customization and redeign
  • Migrations from other CMS
  • Etc …

8 . Resourse and Support ?

WordPress is basically well known for It’s highly customisable Api and communicative support. There are many websites for wordpress code snippets and resourses which is not available for others as well. I listed some wordpress oriented website here for your concern:

Thank you

Thank you for your time with my presentation. Hope you have something useful here. I’ll coming soon with my next tutorial about wordpress very soon. Keep your eyes on anisbd.com

Have a nice day :)

Special thanks to : Chinmoy karmakar Tomal, Aminul Islam, Facebook group – WordPressians & My friends who wanted me to start this tutorial. Thank you all for supporting me on this tutorial. I’ll try my best to continue this tutorial for you.

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Top search engine and directory list for your site

Hello friends today i will share the most important search engine list for you which must use if you want to increase your visitor.
We know that seo is the key of success of a site. These search engine allow you to make visitors, seo help and earn money.
So as a website owner we should use these search engine to add our site and get ranked.

Here we go :

1. http://www.google.com

2. http://www.yahoo.com

3. http://www.bing.com

4. http://www.alltheweb.com

5. http://www.altavista.com

6. http://www.teoma.com

7. http://www.looksmart.com

8. http://www.lycos.com

9. http://search.msn.com

10 .http://search.netscape.com

11. http://dmoz.org

12. http://www.about.com

13. http://www.excite.com

14. http://www.iwon.com

15. http://www.webwombat.com.au

16. http://www.webcrawler.com

17. http://www.pepesearch.com

18. http://www.links2go.com

19. http://www.searchking.com

20. http://www.qango.com

21. http://www.dogpile.com

22. http://www.freefind.com

23. http://www.beaucoup.com

24. http://www.vivisimo.com

25. http://www.ixquick.com

26. http://www.profusion.com

27. http://www.allsearchengines.com

28. http://www.pipilika.com

I hope it will be helpfull for you. Thank you for reading this post.

Common mistakes of new bloggers

Hello dear, Whats up? Hope your internet life is going well. Today i well share something new and very helpful for new bloggers. Now-a-days there are many blog over the internet for different niche blogging/ news portal service. But most of the new bloggers have some problems with their success. I hope this post will help them to understand the common mistakes of blogging, and they will be successfull with their blogging carrer. There are many common mistakes but today i am going to share most common mistakes and next time i will try to discuss more about those points share today.

So,lets see which mistakes making our blogging carrier down:

1. Some lazy blogger don’t try to make new blog post by their own hand, they always copy information from different sites and put them in his site which is really bad for some blogger, because he is going to hamper his creativeness and taking his blog down.

2. Invent and share new idea by researching daily internet,some blogger may create a good place in the world of blog. But some new bloggers not aware about this and they dont research and post which is not important and helpful for visitors.

3. Always make your own post by researching internet and try to make a informative blog.

4. Writing style is also a heavy point to make a blogger popular. It can make you different from others.

5. Some bloggers don’t show respect to others and we have to know that if we copy some info we should always use a linkback credits to real author.

6. Always try to share real information. Dont share bogus things to your audience.

7. always comment to your co-bloggers and it will make you familier to the new family.

8. Make sure you dont pray to someone to visit your blog. If they are helpful by your post they must come again, you don’t have to say that to them. this is a weak point of some blogger.

No more today, will be coming soon with more new tricks and discussions. Thank you and good bye for today and always take care yourself and family.

How to make shortcut key of a program in your xp

Now a days we mostly use keyboard to access computer. Even most of the computer experts think that its easy and fast to work with keyboard to control a computer(pc). We can make our mostly used programme’s shortcut key with keyboard. It’s very easy and efficient to work. Now we’ll learn how can we do it. just follow the steps given below :

» Right click in a shortcut icon of a program you want to make shortcut key

» Click properties

» Now select shortcut tab

» Click on shortcut box (By default it shown as None)

» Type Ctrl + Alt + X (here X=your desired shortcut key name)

» You can only make Ctrl + Alt shortcuts

» Now press apply and ok

» You are done !

Now just press ctrl+alt+X to open that program. Thank you for reading this article.

Basic information of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an independent country which stand besides the India and mayanmar. She was independent in 16th December 1971 by the blood of martyrs.People of Bangladesh feeling very proud to be a Bangladeshi.Bangladesh is not a develop country but she is not very poor. Natural beauty is very nice in Bangladesh.Now its time to know something About my country at a glance.


Official Name : The People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Capital City : Dhaka

Independence Day : 26th March

Geographical Location : In South Asia between 20o.34¢ and 26o.38¢latitude and between 880.01¢& 920.41¢east longitude .

Area : 1,47,570 Sq.Km

Territorial Water : 12 Nautical Miles

Population : 130.03 Million (Population Census 2001) (Adjusted)

Density : 881 Per Square Km. (Census-2001)

Growth rate : 1.54

Population by Area : Rural-76.57% Urban-23.43%

Literacy rate (7+) : Both Sex-45.3, Male-49.6, Female-40.6(Census 2001) | Both Sex-61.3, Male-65.9, Female-56.5 (Completed at least 1st grade)

Literacy rate (15+) : Both Sex-47.5 Male-53.9, Female-40.8 (Census-2001)

Per Capita Gross National Income(GNI) : Taka 28443 (US$463) (2004-05, BBS)

Language : National Language : Bengali-98% English is also widely spoken and understood.

Religion based Population : Muslim (89.7%), Hindu (9.2%), Buddhist (0.7%), Christian (0.3%), Animist and believers in tribal faiths (0.1%)

Administrative Units (BBS-2001) : Division -7, District-64, Upazila/Thana-520 Municipal Corporation: 4 Municipalities- 223,Union Parishad-4533, Village-87928

Time : GMT +6.00 Hours

Main Seasons : Winter (November-February) Summer (March-June) Monsoon (July-October)

Principal Rivers : Padma, Meghna, Jamuna, Brahmaputra, Tista and Karnophuli, (Total 230 rivers including tributaries)

Divisions : Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Borishal, Khulna, Sylhet and Rongpur /(Rangpur) [New division]

Tourist place : Cox’s Bazar, Sundarban, Saint martin, Shat Gombuj mosque, Potenga, Rangamati, Bandarban, Kaptai, Jaflong, Mainamoti, Mahastahngar, Paharpur, and so on …

Best Tourist Season : October to March.

How to use bangla unicode on your nokia

Bangla unicode system for nokia symbian Bangla is our (bangladeshi’s) national language . you can visit any bangla wapsite / website from your nokia mobile (symbian v3) . And you can also use english with bangla because it is unicode system . So lets see how can we do this trick in our phone .

» You need a 3rd party software called x-plore / file manager fromgetjar.com . just search this software you can find .

» Then open x-plore and go menu > tools > configuration > click “show ROM device” > now click back option.

» Now open ‘z’ folder and click resource > fonts .

» You can see 4 fonts here . if the fonts extension is .ttf then write down the names in notepad asS60SNR.ttf S60SSB.ttf , S60TSB.ttf , S60ZDIGI.ttf

» Now download bangla unicode solaimanlipi from google.com or Download here.

» Now replace these four fonts with last 4 .ttf fonts .

» The last step – just restart your phone and your phone will run now bangla unicode system

Trick : collect .ttf fonts to your pc before you delete or replace them with new solaimanlipi fonts

Note That : Do that with your own risk . i have no responsibility for any kind of fault by you